July to October is the most exciting time of the year for the West Coast/ Namaqua region. Although flower season is normally at its peak during August to September annually, it seems that Mother Nature has decided to treat us with an earlier than usual display of flowers. The semi desert landscape is miraculously being transformed into an Aladdin’s carpet of white, blue, yellow, red, pink and purple on a tender green background.

From just a few kilometres out of Cape Town on the N7, all the way through to the Springbok/Namibia Border Post you will find flowers in all directions, inviting you to stop the car, get out, breath in the fresh clean air and to just take in the splendour all around you. The 5 regions of the West Coast are already brimming with a variety of wildflowers and a kaleidoscope of colours as far as the eye can see. Blue flax (Heliophila), Gifkool (chlorophytum undulatum), Suring (oxalis/surrel), Daisies (arctotis), Reenblommetjie (dimorphotheca pluvialis), Gousblomme (arctotheca calendula) are just a few of the treasures that await you, once you decide to take a closer look in the veld.

The friendly people at the Namaqua/West Coast Tourism (http://www.visitnwc.com/) are pulling out all the stops to keep us informed about the different flowers in bloom. A good idea is to pop into http://www.capewestcoast.org/news/news_article.php?news_id=329 every day when planning your trip.

Although high season is mid August to September, accommodation in the region is becoming scarce. It would be a good idea to call us quickly to reserve your room. #riverlodgevredendal #accommodation #ourparadiseyouroases

A few tips to remember, in order to make your trip more enjoyable….

  • Flowers are open between 11:00 and 15:00, the warmest part of the day.
  • The sun must be out for flowers to open, thus rainy, overcast day are not ideal.
  • Day temperature must be at least 18 degrees.
  • Flowers face the sun, thus for viewing and pictures keep your back to the sun
  • Get out of the car and walk around, don’t miss the special smaller species
  • Tread lightly, don’t unnecessarily trample plants and never pick flowers or bulbs,

Some good advice:

  • Try to book accommodation in advance
  • Weskus Flower Hotline is available from 08:00 – 20:00, 7 days a week.
  • Remember to have water and sun screen lotion on hand.
  • Most towns along flower routes have fuel stations, ATM’s and mobile reception.
  • Stop and ask locals for advice on flower hot spots, distances, etc.
  • Namaqua/West Coast flower maps are available at all tourism information offices.


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