The name “Namaqua” brings to mind pictures of vast expanses of tiny flowers in all the colours of the rainbow; of little children and old people reclining in the field, smiling at the cameras….

The problem with this pretty picture is that the “floral carpet” only exists two or three months of the year. What other attractions do we have to offer visitors? Enough to keep you coming back for more!

Wine tasting at the different cellars will take up your whole Saturday – you can start at Fryer’s Cove in Doringbaai, where the wine is naturally cooled by the ocean and at a leisurely pace work your way back to Vredendal, where you can end the day with a delicious meal.

The Namaqua West Coast region has the most beautiful trails for running, hiking or mountain biking. A friend came to visit me recently and, since she was in the neighbourhood, she took part in the Namaqua Daisy Challenge MTB and Trail Run. After completing the run through the field of early spring flowers, she called this “the park runner’s best-kept secret”, vowing to be back with a group of her fellow runners.

Maybe you don’t feel that energetic, then you can go hiking with the Matzikama Hiking club. Or escape with our excellent 4×4 tour master to a secret remote spot, where you can play on the dunes like a young boy – he even provides the vehicles if you want and promises an al fresco seafood lunch you’ll never forget. And if you feel like sleeping on the beach, he’ll make it happen – in style.

Fishing; kayaking the Olifants River; exploring the fauna and flora of the region; stargazing – this region has something for everybody.

But the thing that will leave an indelible imprint on your soul, pulling you back time after time, is the “authenticity” – the genuineness of the people.

It’s something that so rare and special – we can’t export it, you’ll have to come and experience it yourself.

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  1. Alta Pretorius

    The beautiful picture I borrowed with the friendly permission of Nico, from Coast 2 Coast Tours and 4×4 vehicle hire.

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