#09: Farmers Building Bridges Between SA and Australia

, When farmers from Queensland, Australia recently checked in at #RiverLodgeVredendal we knew it was the perfect opportunity to introduce them to our famed Namaqua West Coast hospitality. Tom Beesley and his 5 friends – all farmers from Toowoomba, Brisbane, touring South Africa … Read More

#8: Bon Voyage for 2019

Yesterday one of our regular guests declared that his year only starts on the 1st of February – because January is a trial month to see if he can handle the New Year. I can empathize with him. My 2018 … Read More

#7: All about having fun…

We, Team River Lodge is all about caring for our guests. We genuinely want them to relax and, where possible, have some fun while staying with us. After all, we don’t stop having fun, because we’re growing old – we’re … Read More

#6: Showcasing some changes…

  Our beloved establishment turns 21 this year – a glorious achievement for the owners and everybody involved in the day to day running of the guesthouse. It is interesting to notice that, as in life everything here is also … Read More

#5: You’re invited to a beach party of note

If you can manage to ignore the snow that fell on Table Mountain this week (19th September, for crying out loud!) and the subsequent cold weather, I want you to take a walk on the beach with me. The place … Read More