A New Era for the Lodge

Living in a world where a plastic card can make all your dreams come true, whilst another kind of plastic is killing our marine ecosystem, everyone needs a place to escape to, a special place where you can stop, breath and relax. Where the things that matter are still real….

River Lodge is just that – a little piece of paradise, a luscious oasis, within walking distance of the Vredendal CBD. Here, the trees have patiently been growing taller, drawing their water from the Olifant’s River on our doorstep, while you have been battling for your place in the rat race. The bird life is flourishing, practising their notes, awaiting for the chance to treat you to their morning song, while you were trying to curb your road rage in the early morning traffic…

You don’t need to wait for a holiday (which carries its own challenges) to take that little break and connect with nature… and reconnect with yourself.  At River Lodge we have a long list of professional and corporate people who are die-hard River Lodge fans, claiming that a night’s sleep in the thatched chalets, under the huge trees is a mini-retreat.

After the awesome rain we’ve had, the turning of the season towards spring is evident all around us – in the new leaves on the rose bushes, the tender rose-pink flowers on the bougainvillea, and the early sprigs of lavender…

But there is only one way to find out whether I have been exaggerating – come see for yourself.

Anytime you are on the N7, near Vanrhynsdorp, turn off to Vredendal. Come experience hospitality with heart in it. Relax on your little stoepie with a glass of the region’s award-winning wine and just listen to the trees…

We can promise you – you will be back!