Hospitality –meaning: The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or stranger.


There are different meaning or opinions linked to this word “Hospitality” To this industry, we are service providers and a business that needs to excel financially but when there is HEART INTO HOSPITALITY the passion WILL justify the means.

This service becomes a gift ; it brings contentment to the guest that has to experience a different environment ,to these strangers who will seek for complete comfort, security and a good nights rest they must be at ease and satisfied.

AT the end we must fulfil all their needs and expectation by putting that same kindness into Hospitality.

  • Where the reception will be pleasant and the service exceptional
  • Where you will arrive as a stranger or a guest but depart as a FRIEND and FAMILY member.

Here at #RiverlodgeVredendal we are determined in moving forward, but most of all we strive to put HEART INTO HOSPITALITY to welcome you home.


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