Theuns Jordaan, Refentse Morake en baie ander sing”Kyk of jy vir my die son kan vang, want daar is ‘n kamer in die huis waar ek die SON kan hang”

This winter season was not what everyone had hoped for since the rainfall was JUST NOT UP TO EXPECTATIONS. Somebody out there might be disappointed or still clinging faithfully to the belief that more is still to come.

That kind of despair accompanied me when I went out into the garden of River Lodge this morning, only to be reminded on being confronted by its endless beauty, that our expectations are sometimes unwarranted since nature makes do with what it is given, in all its pride. Namaqualand wildflowers are currently blooming in all its famous glory by exposing its beauty for all to see.

So, come and share in this joyful experience and take the high road (N7) to Namaqualand’s west coast region. Use the opportunity whilst running or cycling along the trails, to partake of nature in its most glorious setting. You should bear in mind that this annual experience only lasts for about TWO to Three Months, and thus you must make hay while the SUN shines.

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