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#14 When Namaqua blooms

Theuns Jordaan, Refentse Morake en baie ander sing”Kyk of jy vir my die son kan vang, want daar is ‘n kamer in die huis waar ek die SON kan hang”

This winter season was not what everyone had hoped for since the rainfall was JUST NOT UP TO EXPECTATIONS. Somebody out there might be disappointed or still clinging faithfully to the belief that more is still to come.

That kind of despair accompanied me when I went out into the garden of River Lodge this morning, only to be reminded on being confronted by its endless beauty, that our expectations are sometimes unwarranted since nature makes do with what it is given, in all its pride. Namaqualand wildflowers are currently blooming in all its famous glory by exposing its beauty for all to see.

So, come and share in this joyful experience and take the high road (N7) to Namaqualand’s west coast region. Use the opportunity whilst running or cycling along the trails, to partake of nature in its most glorious setting. You should bear in mind that this annual experience only lasts for about TWO to Three Months, and thus you must make hay while the SUN shines.


Hospitality –meaning: The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or stranger.


There are different meaning or opinions linked to this word “Hospitality” To this industry, we are service providers and a business that needs to excel financially but when there is HEART INTO HOSPITALITY the passion WILL justify the means.

This service becomes a gift ; it brings contentment to the guest that has to experience a different environment ,to these strangers who will seek for complete comfort, security and a good nights rest they must be at ease and satisfied.

AT the end we must fulfil all their needs and expectation by putting that same kindness into Hospitality.

  • Where the reception will be pleasant and the service exceptional
  • Where you will arrive as a stranger or a guest but depart as a FRIEND and FAMILY member.

Here at #RiverlodgeVredendal we are determined in moving forward, but most of all we strive to put HEART INTO HOSPITALITY to welcome you home.


#12 HERE..! is where we meet you.!


Here at # RiverLodgeVredendal, we strive to put heart into hospitality so that you’ll leave with complete satisfaction and a guaranteed return.

This is where you’ll always feel at home in our self-catering chalets, DSTV, Free Wifi, a beautiful garden, front-stoep with a great view and a braai-area perfect for all friends and family gatherings.

As always we had the honour to accommodate extraordinary people, who resided here for more than a week. Our guest at the Department of Agriculture Forestry Fisheries – Silverton, Pretoria :Flippie Verwey, Charl du Toit (very humbled and wise men) their colleagues Amanda Mathonsi and Zama Ngubo (young and ambitious woman) all Agricultural Engineers, said their goodbye’s today and we wish them a safe journey and a hasty return.

“Here at RIVER LODGE VREDENDAL you are no guest – you are family because our hearts are always at home.”

#11 Why River Lodge Vredendal?


River Lodge Vredendal is ideally situated for exploring the Namaqua West Coast Region, as Vredendal is the hub of basically all surrounding attractions.  We can offer attractive packages, such as wine tasting at Teubes Wines, gin tasting at First Distillery or game-watching at sunset on Draaihoek Game Farm.

So when your days start feeling like a year and your week like a traffic jam…You need to come home where your soul will be at rest and your mind at ease. Come regenerate yourself, In one of our semi-self catering chalets, nestled in a beautiful garden with the sound of mother nature lingering.

All the roads will lead you back to River Lodge Vredendal.




#10: The Knersvlakte – where a new adventure awaits you

The Knersvlakte is not really the sort of place you want to get lost in. Think infinite scrubland plains, no human habitation for kilometre upon kilometre, and elemental temperature shifts that could either fry or freeze you, depending on the season. But the colours vary too, with browns and greens morphing into multi-coloured hues with the blooming of the annual spring flowers.

It’s a harsh space, but the landscape is imbued with an innate minimalist beauty that’s impossible to ignore once you’ve spent some time here. Running is one way to do exactly this, with a range of trails crisscrossing not only the Knersvlakte Plains but also the imposing bulk of the Maskam and Gifberg ranges in the distance.

Slog it out on a gravel road side-swiping into the belly of the Kobee near Vanrhynsdorp, or go head to head with gravity up and over Gifberg Pass. This makes for an excellent hill-training run, especially from Maskam Guest Farm ( Jog the 2km to the Gifberg Road and then turn right; then ascend just on 12km onto the high plateau.

It gets damned hot in the Namaqua interior during the summer months, while winter kicks in a with a proper Big Freeze. Spring and autumn may be your best bet (and spring is flower season), but keep this in mind when planning your run: early-morning missions will negate the heat, and proper technical apparel will ensure you survive sub-zero workouts.

From Cape Town, head north along the N7 to Vanrhynsdorp; this easy 300km cruise should take you about 3.5 hours.

[Article  thanks to the Namaqua West Coast Tourism]


River Lodge Vredendal is the obvious choice!  Vredendal is the hub of all the activities. From here you can explore in all directions and return for a good nights rest in our thatched chalets. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our establishment.