We, Team River Lodge is all about caring for our guests. We genuinely want them to relax and, where possible, have some fun while staying with us. After all, we don’t stop having fun, because we’re growing old – we’re actually growing old when we deliberately stop having fun!

A group of visionaries recently stayed a couple of days, whilst doing what visionaries do – explore, investigate, meet and greet and plan. They ended their stay with a braai in our awesome lapa, but not before young and old dived into the swimming pool!

I was busy in the office when the sound of laughter and shouts called me out on the stoep where an absolute heart-warming picture greeted me. The very serious, focused men of earlier were transformed into little boys – racing across, daring each other to do silly tricks in the water, having a find-the-pebble competition.

Later that evening I looked at them sitting around the fire-pit – relaxed, talking and enjoying their food and I had a warm fuzzy feeling – because THIS is what it’s all about for us.

And that prompted us to announce a special discounted price for couples or families. Every couple booking a room for a weekend receives a10% discount, BUT…if they bring another couple BOTH couples get 15% off! The whole reasoning behind this unusual offer is not just to fill up the guesthouse but to convince people to check in with the sole purpose of relaxing without leaving the grounds; for friends to lounge beside the pool during the day and to continue the “kuier” around the fire-pit.

Our dream is to have couples dropping the kids with grandma (she’ll be thrilled!), check in here and forget about workplace pressures and bond payments for 48 hours. We’ll throw in a breakfast-by-the-pool and even look the other way if you want to have a (quiet) midnight swim…

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