Yesterday one of our regular guests declared that his year only starts on the 1st of February – because January is a trial month to see if he can handle the New Year.

I can empathize with him. My 2018 ended on the 12th of January and my New Year started a week later on Monday the 21st of January and my internal clock is still not in tune with the rest of the people.

But there’s one thing that I know for sure – 2019 is going to be an eventful, wonderfully-challenging year during which time everybody will have to dig deep in their own resources to find the strength and courage to bring their A-game.

So I think it is appropriate to wish all our valued guests – the regular Johns and the passer-by Janes – as well as the people who are just visiting our website … Bon Voyage! May your journey in 2019 be a joyous and fulfilling experience.

When life takes you on new and scary roads – don’t rush to your destination. Instead stop, inhale and experience everything along this road.

Whether you have an overseas trip booked or just a weekend on the family farm – BE in the moment. Enjoy every second of every moment.

Andre P Brink, one of our most beloved Afrikaans writers said that people who fail to discover something new in their own back-yard every day will waste their money on a trip to an exotic destination.

At the end of December a group of 24 – friends and their families – checked into River Lodge. They were en-route to a farm in the Karoo. Apparently, it was a regular thing for them to do.  It was a heart-warming experience for us listening to the laughter and fun around the fire in the lapa and again the next morning, during breakfast and we were blessed by their stay.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at River Lodge. There is an abundance of interesting places to visit and thing to experience.



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